Porcelain is a type of ceramic that was fired at a higher temperature than its cousin (1400°C or 2552°F), which makes it thicker and sturdier. For this reason, you can use porcelain tiles for outdoor installation without any trouble, provided that it is placed on cement. Ideal for terrace or balcony flooring, their enamel enables an infinite possibility of decorative designs. They can even mimic the appearance of natural rocks or hardwood! 

As, visually, their natural aspect suits the outdoors well, they are a popular choice for decks. If, however, you prefer a more contemporary look for your terrace, patterned tiles could give a nice colourful and whimsical touch to the decor. The same goes for your balcony! If you want to vamp up your exterior, porcelain tiles will give it the little oomph you are looking for.  

Anxious about working on your deck by yourself? Know that, by following the proper steps and by having everything you need to create an outdoor patio with the Schluter systems, you will be able to build yourself a charming and perfectly watertight space to enjoy summer. No need to worry! 


Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen? You might be worried about the maintenance and the resistance of countertops when they are placed outside. Fortunately, you can now own ultra-compact countertops that are adapted to the ever-changing weather! As explained in one of our previous articles, an ultra-compact countertop is, in fact, a sintered stone composed of minerals that were heated to 1200°C (2192°F) and then compressed. These countertops offer a multitude of benefits and are strongly impervious! Moreover, you are bound to find a design to your liking thanks to the numerous possibilities! Notably, they can resemble marble, quartz or even granite.   

Bricks and Stones 

Don’t forget walls; bricks and stones could suit those nicely! Mural stones are commonly used for outdoor walls, especially in rural areas. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for your patio in the city. In fact, this could bring a rustic style to the decor and allow you to daydream about peaceful fields of green while enjoying breakfast. 

As for bricks, they are as trendy in town as in the countryside! Install them on the facade of your house or of your apartment, or even on the low walls of your garden. They will definitely embellish your exterior! You could also paint them white for a more modern look or directly choose our architectural white bricks.

Mosaic for the Creative Minds 

The use of mosaic to adorn your exterior, your terrace or balcony is an excellent idea, but one which requires certain manual skills and an artistic soul! Have you ever seen those little DIY mosaic tables? Wouldn’t they be just perfect on your balcony? Luckily for you, there are tutorials to help you create the desired wonders!  Click here for our tutorial! 

You should, however, remember to bring in your pretty table when the wintery temperatures arrive for it might not survive the cold season. 

For irregular mosaic or to create specific forms as shown on the pictures below, you only need to break remaining porcelain tiles in multiple pieces or to use the adequate nippers! You could also find smaller pieces and use them as the owners of Microbrasserie et Auberge La Brouerie à Sutton have for their restaurant tables.  

Lastly, for the most motivated, decorate your terrace with porcelain mosaics by creating your chosen designs, still with the requirement that the base layer is cement.  

You are now supplied with a multitude of ideas to embellish your terrace or balcony! You’ll want to house some summer parties to show off your new decor!