Natural stone? I didn’t know there were artificial stones

When most people think of natural stone, they think of the beautiful rocks that can be found scattered throughout nature. But what about the natural stone used in construction?

Surprisingly, there are plenty of natural stones that go into making buildings and other structures!

Natural stone lasts longer than other materials, looks great and can save you money in the long run. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using natural stone in construction, as well as debunk some myths about natural stone.

What is natural stone?
Natural stone is any stone produced naturally. This includes rocks like granite, limestone, sandstone, marble.

Natural stone has been used in construction for centuries. It is durable, looks great and lasts a long time.

There are three types of natural stone: crushed stone, masonry stone, and landscaping stone.

Crushed stone is any stone that has been crushed into small pieces. Crushed stone is used in concrete, asphalt, and as a base for pavers and other construction projects.

Masonry stone is any natural stone that can be cut in Rectilinear square or mosaic format. Masonry stone is used to build houses, walls and other structures.

Landscaping stone is used for sidewalks, driveways, decorative walls or supports.

Are there artificial stones?
In construction, yes. In fact, the vast majority of natural looking stone is actually a manufactured veneer.

So Natural Stones for masonry are produced from raw materials transformed by the guillotine or saws and unique specification of the customer. Manufactured stone veneers are actually made from concrete and aggregates that are poured into stone molds and then decorated to look like natural stone.

The advantages of using natural stone facing
Although manufactured stone veneers may be the less expensive choice, there are a number of reasons why natural stone veneers are the best choice for your home or office:

Natural stone is simply more beautiful
The colors, patterns and textures of natural stone are simply more appealing than those of manufactured stone

Natural stone facings are more durable and resistant than their manufactured counterparts

Most natural stone siding is less porous than materials like concrete, making it more resistant to mold and stains. If you are considering stone cladding for the exterior of a building, natural stone siding will withstand the elements better than manufactured ones.

Natural stone facings have a more authentic appearance
There is simply no substitute for the real thing. If you want your home or office to have that luxurious, high-end look, natural stone siding is the way to go. Natural rock variations give each piece of stone cladding a unique look that you simply cannot replicate with the manufactured product.

Natural stone is easier to repair
If a piece of your natural stone siding is damaged, it is much easier to repair than manufactured stone, which means lower repair costs and faster repair time.

Natural stone is more environmentally friendly
If you are looking for an eco-friendly building material, natural stone is the answer. Manufactured products are made from concrete, which is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Natural stone has none of these negative environmental impacts.

The color of natural stone siding does not fade over time
The manufactured product can lose its color and luster because the dyes used to make it look like real stone, react to UV light. Real stone, of course, will not fade and will stay beautiful for years to come.

Natural stone is more durable
The manufactured product is made of concrete, which is a very resistant material. However, it is not as strong as natural stone. Natural stone has been used in buildings for thousands of years and will continue to stand the test of time.

Natural stone siding is easier to repair than manufactured product
If a natural stone siding is damaged, it is much easier to repair than the manufactured product. Manufactured facings are made of concrete, which is very difficult to repair if it is damaged, because once the outer envelope is broken, water will easily do its work of destruction.

Natural stone siding adds value to your home
Real estate experts will tell you that natural stone siding adds value to your home. Indeed, natural stone is a high-end material in great demand.

Natural stone facing is more energy efficient
In order to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you must have good insulation. Natural stone siding is perfect for insulating your home, which will help you save money on your energy bills.

Choosing the right natural stone supplier
If you are looking for a material that will add beauty, value and uniqueness to your home or office, natural stone siding is the answer. Manufactured stone veneer may be cheaper initially, but it simply cannot match the quality and durability of natural stone.

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