Masonry stone

While you can create pathways and build a home out of other materials, masonry Crushed Stone (or sandstone) invokes a sense of class and timelessness. Sandstone is made up of prevalent materials on the planet, which give it an impressive print across the globe. 

With their unique traits, these natural stones are ideal for your next project. Although it’s mostly used for outdoor purposes such as landscaping, the masonry stone can offer much more. It can be used as construction material for both commercial and residential projects. 

At Les Carrières Ducharme, we can cut stones in almost any size or shape to suit your needs and price

With more and more quarries, the modernization of extraction methods, and the automation of stone cutting and finishing processes, the costs of installing stone have dropped dramatically, making production costs much more competitive. No imitation product could ever match the quality of this material shaped by nature over millions of years.

Our wide variety of colours and formats, and the option to combine different products, gives you the freedom to customize your project to your exact requirements. Whether your style is more classic, country or modern, we have the stones to meet your every need.

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