Outdoor Landscaping and Landscaping Stones

Most people associate landscaping with planting luscious flowers and expensive features like ponds and waterfalls. However, natural landscaping stones make a bold statement. Landscaping shows your home off and creates an outstanding first impression for buyers and guests.

Natural stone? I didn’t know there were artificial stones

When most people think of natural stone, they think of the beautiful rocks that can be found scattered throughout nature. But what about the natural stone used in construction? Surprisingly, there are plenty of natural stones that go into making buildings and other structures! Natural stone lasts longer than other materials, looks great and can […]

Why Masonry Crushed Stone?

Strong and Long Lasting Naturally, sandstone is durable. The composition of sandstone consists of minute rocks, the size of sand grains measuring about .00394 inches in diameter. It also comprises quartz and feldspar minerals. The formation is clastic rather than chemical or organic processes.  Crushed Stone is mostly used outdoors. Have you ever wondered why? […]

Natural Stones for your Landscaping

The Art of Landscaping Dreaming of the long sunny days and of the warm summer evenings? Thinking of adding an exterior kitchen to your residence? Wishing of transforming your backyard into a peaceful oasis? The thought of warming up after a cold winter day around a fireplace made of natural stones has you salivating? Les […]

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