Outdoor Landscaping and Landscaping Stones

Most people associate landscaping with planting luscious flowers and expensive features like ponds and waterfalls. However, natural landscaping stones make a bold statement. Landscaping shows your home off and creates an outstanding first impression for buyers and guests. 

The value that landscaping brings is more competition, better sale prices, and increased inspections. In addition, a well-presented home of business premise shows buyers that owners value their buildings. 

At Les Carrières Ducharme, we prioritize supplying high-quality landscaping stones to transform your backyard. We also offer guidance when choosing stones for your outdoor property. We consider the landscaping theme, coordination with your plants and surroundings, and stone layout pattern.

Why Choose Our Landscaping Stones

Quality natural stones

Thinking about giving your backyard a revamp? It’s easy and affordable. We have a plethora of natural stones to suit your landscaping project, both on small and large scales. Stones of any kind or color are great for creating natural pathways.

These practical ways create stunning lines throughout your yard for a timeless and elegant look. We supply quality stones such as pebbles, commonly known as river rocks. These stones are smooth, and their costs vary based on size and shades. You can combine different sizes and shades depending on the look you want to accomplish.

We also have sandstones that add a natural texture and vibe to your landscaped areas.

With our landscaping stones, you worry less about cracks. Besides, these quality natural stones require little effort to maintain. You only need to choose the right spots for them and forget them. Then, when cleaning, you use chlorine solution to retain its unique charm.

Increase Home Value

The first impression counts. A well-landscaped home attracts a higher resale value over a home with no landscaping. Curb appeal in the form of lanscaping goes a long way. Depending on your property’s location, it boosts your home value from around 5% to 12%.

So spruce up your walkway, backyard and patio with landscaping stones to create a good ambiance. These stones provide your trails with rustic and soft charm.

Our landscaping and landscaping stones also come in different astounding colors. You can combine a variety of shades to give your pathways and trails a customized, stunning look.


Natural stones are the ultimate choice if you want your projects to give a vibe of strength and durability. The quality of stones brings a sense of strength and depth to your property. They have the tenacity to withstand pressure, primarily when used in commercial projects.

Stones stay cool during hot weather and warm in cold seasons, making them ideal for all seasons. Besides, they have a strong formation that makes them withstand all weather conditions. This way, you’re assured that your stones will maintain their aesthetic look for long, as long as they’re well maintained.

Whether you choose landscaping stones to create an accent in your garden or pathways, our wide varieties are ideal for the personalization of your space. Call us today to get stones that suit your lifestyle and financial muscles.

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